InBand is a Finnish company that designs and manufactures Electronic Scoring Target (EST) systems for 10m and 50m sport shooting. Our systems measure each shot using the proven acoustic technology employed for decades at the highest levels of competition. All scoring information is displayed on your Window-based laptop, tablet, or CPU monitor. A reliable, economical, and user-friendly option, we have delivered hundreds of systems to shooting clubs and ranges across Europe ... and we are excited to now offer our products in the USA!

In 2016, the first operational InBand EST, designed for 10 meter airgun shooting, was released: InBand Air. That product is still the cornerstone of our EST line, and is the basis for all the subsequent systems we have developed. The Finnish Shooting Sport Federation (FSSF) has certified the InBand Air system for use in all competitions below national level (approximating ISSF Phase I).

The basic architecture of each system is the same. It consists of: an InBand EST; your device, running the InBand software; and a datalink connecting the two. Most Windows-based tablets, laptops, or PCs are compatible with the InBand software, which helps make purchasing your InBand EST system even more economical. The datalink can be via USB cable, Bluetooth®, or local area network (LAN). Users can receive shot information in full ring value (e.g. 9, 10, X), or ISSF decimal scoring (8.3, 10.9, etc.), and can choose either option at the beginning of each session. When multiple systems are used in competition or training, InBand Range Officer software manages all of the ESTs simultaneously in the same database.

In January, 2020, longtime precision rifle and pistol competitor, Patrick Rowling, first heard of the Finnish manufacturer and decided to purchase an InBand Air for his home range. After weeks of thoroughly enjoying its use, a plan was formed to bring these excellent and affordable systems across the pond. By springtime, was launched, and is now the exclusive provider of InBand EST systems here in the USA. Rowling, a resident of South Carolina, is a Life Member of both the NRA and USA Shooting, a proud member of the Belton Gun Club, and is founder of the Greater Greenville Precision Shooters. is fully committed to the sales and support of our products, and points to our 30-day money back guarantee as a sign of the quality it represents. With hundreds of units sold, we have yet to be asked for a single refund.


Please contact us with any questions, or to place an order. We look forward to helping you bring your range into the 21st Century!


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