Recyclable Materials

Kruger Premium Targets

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InBand recommends the fine products available from Kruger Targets for your replacement paper consumable needs. Here's hoping that eventually you will never need to replace your paper target face again, as all of your shots will be in the black ... but until that time, there will undoubtably be some "snow birds" that fly out into the white. When it's time to get some new target faces, or to replace the continuous black roll control strip, one simply can't do better than those available from Kruger.


High standards of continuous quality control ensure that the Kruger-Quality, which has been well-known for decades, continues to rate as the trademark of a world-renowned and competent manufacturer and supplier.

Having been chosen as Official Supplier for the INTERNATIONAL SHOOTING SPORT FEDERATION (ISSF) in 2006 the high quality of our targets was anew certified and approved by a World Sport Federation. Since the 1st of January 2006 we also are accepted as Official Licensed Manufacturer of Target Faces by the INTERNATIONAL ARCHERY FEDERATION (FITA).

Thus, Kruger-Druck is the only producer of targets worldwide for rifle and pistol shooting, and of target faces for archery, which meet the high requirements of both Federations.